Freeze Dried Green Peas Tasty Salad Topper

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Freeze dried foods are those that have undergone the process of freeze drying, which allows them to have a vastly longer shelf life while at the same time retaining most of the nutrients. Freeze drying foods involve removing water from frozen food and the removal of water makes freeze dried foods lightweight and convenient for travel and especially long term storage as emergency supplies.

Product Name Freeze Dried Green Peas Tasty Salad Topper
Ingredients List Fresh Peas
Warranty 12 months

5.0 minutes max in hot water
10.0 minutes max in cold water
Food Additives No
Size 2-7cm
Taste Typical Delicious
Grade A
Packing Bulk
Certification ISO
Place of Origin Beijing China
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Freeze Dried Green Peas Tasty Salad Topper
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