2017 Lenbon 800 Automatic Disposable Paper Lunch Meal Take Away Box Forming Making Machine

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ZF-800 Automatic Disposable Burger Box Chips Box Paper Carton Making Forming Erecting Machine With CE Factory Directly Sale


Product Application

ZF-800 carton erecting machine is a special forming machine that produces burger box,one block box,food pail box(to go box),french fries box and other related containers made by cardboard paper and corrugated paper,the machine adopt the PLC control system,automatically feeding,forming,collecting stacking as well as counting the finsihed products,it will automatically stop when there is paper jam of no paper,safe for operation.
Model No.ZF-800
Productivitymax 160pcs/min
Material170-400gsm cardboard
Paper thinknessmax 1.5mm
Electricity required4kw/hr
Air requried6kg/cm²*200L/min
ProductivityGlue Sealing
Overall size3500mm*1200mm*1600mm


Main Features

1) Feature of stereo box die-cutter: high efficiency, reaches 160pcs/min

2) Multifunctionality: can manufacture the products such as meal box, chips box, stereo box or burger box with different specifications on one machine only by changing its molds.

3) This machine applies water-based adhesive coating device, attains high efficiency and very high precision. Water-based adhesive, as water soluble adhesive compostion, is a kind of food-grade glue.

4) Most of the machine applies high-quality sealing bearing, prevents from dust or liquid penetrating and impacting the service life of bearings, with long service life and good stability.

5) The whole is driven by high-quality tinming belts and ensures almost zero error during its operation.

6) Main mould employs pine wood, enjoys high efficiency when replacing its mould.

7) Can automatically collect, store and count finished products, and install additionally counter as per the requirements of customers.

8)The machine applies PLC intelligent control system, and automatically stop when there is paper jamming or no paper. It can avoid unnecessary harm caused by the contact between worker and operation mechanism during the production process.




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2017 Lenbon 800 Automatic Disposable Paper Lunch Meal Take Away Box Forming Making Machine
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