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Guangzhou Kosda Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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Guangzhou KOSDA Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a highly professional and experienced supplier of Auto parts and Performance parts in China. We manufacture and supply a wide range of stylish accessories of Automobile Refit to customers across the world.Our products include:Auto GaugeTurbo Accessories (Turbo charger /Turbo Blanket/ BOV/ Wastegate/Boost Controller) Engine Parts (Intake manifold / Throttle body )Cooling System(Oil Cooler Kits / Intercooler Kits/Oil pipe/ Oil Catch Tank /Breath Tank/ Exhaust Wrap )Car Electronic Parts (Turbo Timer/Throttle controler/Ignition Switch Panel/Exhaust Flame Thrower Kit/REV Limiter Launch ControllerFuel Parts(Fuel Pressure Regulator/Fuel Rail/Fuel Pump/Fuel Surge Tank/Fuel Cell Cap)Intake Parts(Air Filter /Electric Supercharger/Aluminum Pipe/Cold Air Intake System/Intake Fan/Flexible Air Intake Hose/Silicone HoseExterior Accessories(Wheel Nut/ Bonnet Pin/Tow Hook/Tow Strap/Quick Release Fasterner/Number Plate)Interior Accessories(Racing seat/Racing Se... [Detailed Introduction]