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Dried Whole Green Peas
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Product: Hits: 845Dried Whole Green Peas 
Unit Price: 400.00dollar/
Min. Order: 1
Total Quantity:
Delivery time: Shipment within 2 days since the date of payment
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on 2018-07-12 20:15

AGRICO FARM INTERNATIonAL , is exporters, importers, traders, global indenters specializing in sourcing and offering various commodities , foodstuffs , food additives , corn starch / maize starch , liquid glcuose and other products on request


We are in strong position to offer Canada origin New Crop 2017-18  - WHOLE GREEN PEAS ( Peas ) size 4.5 - 5.5 mm - mixed and 5.5 mm selected - packed 50 kilos in new PE Bags for January 2010 onward shipments


Therefore, if you are interested , please always feel free to contact us and we shall be glad in sending our offer based on your details requirements i.e.  quantity , packing if any special, port of unloading and ofcourse your payment mode


We also request the canning companiews to contact us for their requirement huge quantity , please feeel free and send your inquiry


We awaiting your response and thanks once again


Very best regards

Manohar Soni

Agrico Farm International, Vasai , India

msoni (@) agricointernational (dot) com 

Hello India 09 - 86 - 76 - 59 - 761 

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